About Us

Wave Division is THE leading Consumer Engagement Agency in Romania,
with an innovative and creative mind-set that allows us to bring brands and consumers together.

Wave Philosophy

We trust that at the heart of every meaningful experience stand great ideas.

Because we live in an ocean of information, getting your message to your target audience seems like an impossible task.
You may even think that your message is like drop of water in the middle of the ocean.
And you would be right. But that isn’t reason for discouragement. It’s actually something to be glad about.
Every drop that has a big idea behind has the potential to create a wave, and that’s where we come in, ready to guide your waves and give them power and meaning.

We Envision

We look at where you are vs. where you could be and we create a winning strategy. This is the wave that will shape all the future waves we make together.

We Influence

We create unforgettable experiences for our consumers through integrated campaigns, clever in-store marketing and powerful social media.

We Enhance

We continue to build on the strength of our first waves creating the perfect context for the next, through real time monitoring and optimization.

We are a team of innovators empowering brands by creating experiences that push boundaries and get noticed, building long-term partnerships along the way.

We start from understanding your brand and your target consumers:

Where it is;
What are their real category needs?
What motivates them?
How they can be inspired?
How can we influence their decisions?

This approach underpins everything we do. This is why we are able to create the launch pad for great creative work and memorable consumer’s journey.

In a nutshell, with more than 16 years of working with fortune 500 companies in all major categories, we provide brands with meaningful and effective consumer’s engagement strategies and programs.

Our Services



Turn potential customers into
passionate brand advocates



We ignite brand love


Ride the digital wave



Boldly different. Always inspiring.



Define what your brand stands for



Loyal followers for your brand

Our Uncompromised Commitment to the Brands We Serve

Our visionary clients value the fusion of brand strategy & craftsmanship our specialists bring to the table. We understand that every interaction with your brand is an opportunity to influence. That’s why we like to go the extra mile as part of the race and we’re dedicated to understanding the why behind the consumer’s behaviour and the influences of the media on the path to purchase.

AL KAMARA, Founder Wave Division Group,
Business Development Director

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