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About us

Wave Division is THE leading Consumer Engagement Agency

With more than 255 million face-to-face interactions with consumers since 2000, we at Wave Division, understand Consumer Engagement better than anyone else. We truly value that behind the word “consumer”, there is an individual person, with their own unique life and values.


In almost 5.900 implemented projects, we have witnessed a plethora of emotions – from jubilant children receiving prizes, to girls embracing their boyfriends with a shy excitement in their eyes. We have seen wives enjoying some time with their husbands, grandparents holding the tiny hands of their nephews and nieces, and teenagers dancing together with adults as if time had stood still.


And we, the Wave Division team, were personally involved in each and every one of these celebrations, shared from person to person, regardless of their background. We understand people’s emotions, not simply from paid studies, internet articles or theoretical academic works… We have literally lived these emotions for 17 years.

By executing campaigns in almost 80 cities across Romania, we understand better than anyone else how people interact with brands, what they think about brands and what they say about brands – what they reject and what they embrace. We perfectly understand how and what turns people into consumers.


In almost 8 million hours of promotions since 2000, we the Wave Division team, have learned how to be creative because we know that consumers like events full of creativity and interactive communication. Our creativity is inspired by a perfect understanding of consumers thinking and behaviour, based on 17 years of experience harmonizing brand values with consumer values.

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We look at where you are vs. where you could be and we create a winning, wave-making strategy. The ripples of this wave will shape the future waves that we make together.


As the leading Consumer Engagement Agency, we create unforgettable experiences for our consumers, through integrated campaigns, clever in-store marketing and powerful social media.


We continue to build upon the strength of our first waves, creating the perfect foundation for those to come, through real-time monitoring and optimization.

Our MISSION is to deliver just one service…YOUR RESULTS!

Our presence


6 cities with regional offices
Over 2.500 active Promoters
Over 150 active Consultants


7 Regional Managers
73 City Managers


Logistical Capabilities: warehousing, transportation, logistics management and auditing across all areas

The Central and Eastern Europe Wave Central hub located in Bucharest:

  • Coordination of LOCAL OFFICES for Central and Eastern Europe
  • Working across all project stages



Native Speaker SPOCs for each country

Support for legal & fiscal compliance of campaign specifications & materials



A central creative team located in Bucharest for Central and Eastern Europe

Local Creative Support Teams for each market

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