Are we all connected? What about the real world

This is both a very tough and indeed a very broad question! Which is why we are proposing our point of view, limited to our field of expertise –  the world of marketing, and especially the research regarding shoppers, with whom we directly deal.

First of all: Facebook has reached 9.6 million users in Romania – practically 49% of the population. The average daily time spent on social media is two hours, slightly lower than two years ago (2.5 hours) – though still significant. Undeniably impressive data that certainly makes us think.

A paradox: in the race for the internet, one cannot talk about millennials without considering those who maintain everyday business, the shopper. That individual who stretches their hand every day and puts the product into their cart.

Very little is known about the final “gesture” – about the moment in which the choice is made in front of the product. And it’s not good, given that this gesture depends not only on the market share but also on the long-term brand survival. 

Does price drive a consumer’s hand? Brand awareness? Product attraction? Relevance?

The purpose of marketing and communication is that of bringing the shopper to the store – the subsequent decision to buy occurs in-store.

Marketers can bring a shopper to the store, but the shop itself, in the end, can make a potential purchasing decision turn into a real one: from intention to acquisition and then, perhaps, to loyalty.

Since 2008, our partner Dialogica has counted over 1.1 billion consumers and shoppers. Over 76 million consumers profiled in stations and airports, 14 million shopper profiles for characteristics and purchasing behavior in hypermarkets, supermarkets, traditional shops and luxury shops. 

A lot of material from the real world – the “blue ocean” available to each market.


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