Attention time: marketing budget fire in 4 seconds

The purpose of marketing and communication is to bring the customer directly to the shop – where the majority of the purchasing decision occurs. Buyers, are very much influenced by everything they encounter in-store: the size of the premises, the furniture, the colours as well as the kindness and the competence of the staff.

On average, a buyer spends 15 seconds in front of the shelf and devotes 4 seconds to observing the products.  In such a short time, the purchasing decision is made.

Nowadays, the importance and relevance of the brand is decreasing. We have access to hundreds of television channels, radio stations, internet sites, newsletters, blogs, social network outlets, etc. In the past, it was rather common to choose a product as well as a brand and maintain fidelity for many years – sometimes forever. This is not to say that the fundamental factors attributed to a brand are no longer relevant – consider the Harley Davidson, Apple, Nutella and Coca-Cola fans.

On the contrary, nowadays, it is becoming apparent that competition takes place within the store – both real and virtual – where the decision actually takes place, being influenced by the shopping experience, the place itself, by promotions, communication and context.

It’s not just about what is being bought, but about how we buy it. Shopping is a social phenomenon and, as we know, our behaviour is easily influenced by our surroundings. Who are we shopping with? Are we alone? Are we shopping at the supermarket with our spouse? Do we go with a friend to buy a gift? Who do we buy it for? For us, for a friend, for our child, for our wife? The implications are truly endless.


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