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2005 ? today ? The Consumer Engagement Agency

Consumer Engagement AgencyAs The Consumer Engagement Agency, we have made remarkable contributions to the market and to various brands, both in terms of services delivered and as a trendsetters.

In 2005, we pioneered the merchandising industry in Romania by introducing the concept of outsourcing merchandising services to agencies, thereby making it possible for FMCG companies and retailers to fulfill their merchandising needs, via third parties.

In 2013, we launched, the first digital and printed coupons service in Romania, through a partnership with, enabling consumers to connect with brands online and save money during their In-Store shopping.

We have expanded our services in 2015, and included strategy & planning, creative, digital, social media and loyalty solutions.


Many talents as a unified team

2000 ? 2005 – Youth Marketing Agency

  • Graduation Services for high schools and universities
  • Educational programs in elementary schools, high schools and universities
  • Sports Marketing programs

As the Youth Marketing Agency, we connected brands with the young consumers in primary, high schools and universities: McDonald?s, Nike, Samsung, Tetra Pak, Bic and MobiRom (Orange).

We developed and launched the first major high school basketball tournament in Bucharest, starting with Orange Romania for the first edition and with ?McDonald?s Star Game?, from the 2nd to 5th edition.


Times change, but we are still
experts in creating powerful experiences

Our experience consists of millions of interactions with consumers since 2000, we implemented?hundreds of campaigns every year, for major brands. Besides these figures, we deliver live experiences to consumers all over the country. In the end, this is what a brand is built upon.

We are present in over 72 major cities and towns across Romania, with a permanent field marketing force, consisting of:

  • 7 Regional Managers,
  • 68 City Managers,
  • 14 plus Team Leaders in Bucharest.


Why Trust Us?

We provide a wide range of services for all the challenges a brand can come with. We have a strong network of partners and collaborators, but most of all, we still have the pleasure and curiosity to discover?a brand to the core and develop powerful communication campaigns.

Our Drives


We hold onto strict standards of quality and craftsmanship, which generate specific?solutions that resonate with audiences.


We really love what we do, and we do it with passion. In 2000, when we started Wave Division, ?we were not the most experienced and we certainly didn’t had the most money, but instead, we cared the most.


We need innovation for competitive leverage.?At the core of our work stand innovative strategies which?allow your brand to outperform the competition.


The consumers only see the top of the iceberg, but there is much more to be seen. Along the process we provide a step by step approach of the campaign and you are more than welcome to open our?door whenever you feel like it.


Before we start a new campaign, we take time to understand it from different angles: the brand, the consumer, the client. Indeed, research leads to a successful development and implementation of every campaign.


Once we commit to a campaign we deliver results. We measure our success in your satisfaction. Therefore we get out of the box and walk the extra mile.


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