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How can you truly interact with your Shopper?


A Shopper Conversation Guide

At Wave Division, we believe that the relationship between a brand and its Shopper is more like a conversation than simply a monologue. This is why we encourage brands to continually talk with their shoppers through the Path to Purchase.


The conversation should start with a greeting at the beginning of the Shopper’s Journey and must be continuous, kind and understanding – almost as if your brand were on a date with every single one of your shoppers.


The quality of the conversation is determined, not only by the level of engagement, but also – and perhaps most importantly – the impact of listening. Shoppers will tell you what they are specifically looking for and being present in the conversation will enable you to react to their requests. You should therefore make every effort to talk to them at the First Moment of Truth; choose your words carefully as well as how you unveil and present your brand to them.

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