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How big brands promote a positive work environment

Some of us might think that the efforts put to cultivate a positive workplace as a reluctant and time-consuming way of wasting important resources with good intentions. Nevertheless, we shall be aware that only by creating a positive company culture is getting us to the certainty of having happy employees. Why we should have them in our company? The impact on engagement, retention, safety, and wellness is undeniable. How can we obtain that? This answer is a bit longer.


Getting the offices a little bit more cozy for a sincere conversation


As a business owner, I can guarantee you that setting up a new office space is not an easy task. You have a lot of things to consider in order to make your employees as productive and efficient as you want. Should I mention the different nature of each of your employees? Do not forget that your team is composed of experts but they are also simple humans with needs and even with some quirks. Bear in mind the fact that you will never be able to please everyone. Your attention must be given to the layout of the common spaces, to the IT equipment needed for the staff to reach performance, and also to the storage part, which may be the most complicated if you own a dynamic business. Once they have all the features needed, the employees feel themselves valued.


Elevating employee experience for maximum results


If your long-term purpose is to build a team, you may need to have a holistic vision about what makes your employees really satisfied. Contrary to some opinion is not the salary that makes it all. The sense of being taken care of simply completes the source of satisfaction that any of us had at the beginning of our career. An active team of healthy and bright employees is giving you a great advantage in terms of time and money, as wellness is both physical and mental. Benefits as team buildings, workshops, or even a playroom are building a relaxed environment, that sets the mind far away from routine and stress. Private medical insurance or a fitness subscription at the gym may not be an expensive benefit for the company, but it surely has a good impact on a family budget.


Authentically connecting the people to the brand


I may not be the first to say this, but employees really are the company’s most important brand assets. Try to imagine a single day in which nobody gets to the office. It wouldn’t be very funny, isn’t it? If your employees are not aligned with the company brand, your products cannot align with the customers you aim at. Assuming that you already hired the right people, all you have to do is just connecting them to the spirit of the organization. Not just HR has to be a key part of the brand-building process. By conceiving an internal reward system and by monitoring the levels of satisfaction with feed-back surveys you make sure that your employees have more than just a job. The feeling of winning appears only when everyone feels that has a mission.


Don’t do the mistake to believe that your brand is just an external assumption with nothing to do regarding internal culture. You might be more wrong than you think, and the outcome may disappoint all the shareholders.