BIC Romania campaign: Back to School


Currently BIC is the market leader in the stationery products category. The challenge launched to Wave is to generate buzz around BIC Stationery segment by creating memorable, fun and engaging experiences in-store. CURIOSITY is the first and the best instrument a child has. A 3 year-old kid understands differently the idea of stationery than a 8 year-old one. That’s why we adapted the happenings to both age categories (preschool kids and pupils).

What we did

We created a memorable and emotional MOMENT about the joy of going back to school and choosing BIC Products. We impacted and attracted the shoppers from the first moment they approach the store, following them on their path to purchase until the moment of truth (at the shelf) where they decide to make the best choice – buy BIC products.


We raised awareness for BIC stationery products via an impactful in-store campaign. We increased customer retention, generate high visibility for BIC stationery products. We increased BIC products sales. We gave over 30.000 prizes (personalized timetables and pen-holders, educational CDs, DVDs and books, Kindles + audio books, badges, tablets).