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Shopper reality mining

Are you wondering how to capture real-time, precise shopper data throughout a store?

You want to analyse shopper behaviour, just moments before they make a purchase?

In partnership with Dialogica Italy, breakthrough innovation with in-store promotions: full measurement of in-store shopper marketing campaigns, the only dashboard real-time (supported by machine learning) to study the behaviour of the shoppers and their purchases.

We are the only agency in Central and Eastern Europe that is in-store, data-driven, with a database of more than 13 million shoppers, segmented by gender and age. Shopper behaviour is mined, to gain an insight into the effectiveness of promos. 1.1 billion people detected, 13 million shoppers tracked in supermarkets and retail outlets.

From retail, traditional shops and online at home, to events and trade shows, we have been helping companies to improve their business results with uncovering the real moment of truth: the last mile, the point at which brands and consumers meet.