The office of tomorrow is around the corner

The rising of highly advanced technology is changing the way people do business and professionals do their duty. There are many industries that can benefit from such innovations as the internet of things which features a variety of diverse opportunities and is reshaping the modern workplace by refining all processes. Companies will also be needed to change their strategy, by pursuing to maintain a productive workforce through sustainability.

The work space

Business owners and architects have been creating and redesigning offices since day one, switching from bland desks to cramped cubicles. The offices of the present are marking a return to a more open layout, encouraging the collaborative work between departments and management. More and more companies begun to use a system where desks and work stations are more individualized in order to suit to new modes of working. This range of solutions could vary from collaborative tables for all the people who want to work in a more relaxed manner and socialize with their colleagues, to soundproofed spaces or office pods for those who prefer to work alone or in silence.

The technology

Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics can help us provide a more intelligent work environment for all the professionals we coordinate. If we are talking about the real contribution of IoT into our daily activity, we may bet on this: smart devices will be able to set the best air conditioner temperature in shared office spaces, will provide us with means of booking the most convenient meeting room for a certain conference. More than this, the complex algorithms will evaluate the optimal room setting for a proper meeting and adjusting the intensity and temperature of lighting.

The flexibility era

We should agree that the modern workforce is changing its habits. Having a a level of flexibility never before seen in traditional offices, with all the clues pointing to a future where remote workers can sustain the activity of a whole department. If companies have more employees working from home or even from abroad they are in great need to use the proper technology for a fast connection able to gather people together easily. Don’t be tricked by the image of a derelict space. Fewer people in the office means less necessary space meaning for the companies. Managers are able to save important amounts of money by renting or building smaller buildings, and employees gain the ability to work in a more relaxing environment.

Technology is not the only element driving the change of our office spaces and implicitly our careers. The most important resource is the enthusiasm of to build a better world through responsible business.


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